In the online business creation process the first ideas are related to the business type, what to do, what to sell, and right there the question came out. How to charge for your services and/or products? How to allow customers to pay online using their credit cards or checks? The answer couldn't be easier; you need a merchant account with the ability of accepting online payments through a Payment Gateway. There is where we can help you, we have hundreds of websites integrated with almost any online payment gateway processor available in the world, our web development team is certified with most of the popular payment gateways and merchant accounts and our prices are unique and very affordable. Can somebody ask for more?

Payment gateway

A simple way to understand payment gateway is by comparing it to when you go to your grocery store and pass your credit card through the machine. We allow your online customers to process payments online and pay with their credit cards or checks right on your website. We can integrate payment gateways into your website within HOURS at a very affordable price. Our web development team is certified with most of the companies that offer payment gateway services, we can integrate your website with virtually any payment gateway company right away. The following list shows some of the gateways we actually work with, but never the less, if yours does not appear on that list we are 100% confident we can integrate a payment system into your website no matter what.

Integrate Social Media with Your E-Commerce Website

Social media is one of the main activities people take part in online. Syncing a social media experience with the products or services your e-commerce store offers can help drive added value to your audience and paying customers alike. Understanding the psychology behind the use of each social network by its users will help better inform the integration of your e-commerce strategy to avoid the mistakes of the past attempts at social integration. To add these plugins to your e-commerce store, visit the plugins or social buttons section of each major social platform you’re interested in integrating with your product pages. It’s recommended that you only select a few social plugins to your product pages.

  • Facebook Plugins
  • Twitter Plugins
  • Google+ Plugins A commonly utilized feature on e-commerce sites today is including various social sharing buttons on a store’s product pages.

This has become more common over the past few years due to the increased visibility and engagement a Facebook like button or a Twitter tweet button can help generate around a particular product page.

Let’s take a look at six ways to effectively add social media to your website:

  1. Place Share Plugins on Product Pages
  2. Share User-generated Social Content Onsite
  3. Offer Social Sign-In
  4. Use Social Based Comment Systems
  5. Remind Users to Share across Key Steps of the Buying Process
  6. Show What Products Are Trending Socially

Adding a Google Map to your website

Adding a Google Map to your web page is very easy, once you've been shown how! That's what we're going to do in this lesson - we'll go over each step of creating a basic Google Map using the JavaScript API. From there, it's only a matter of tweaking some of the options to customize the map to your liking.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a system designed by Google that tracks metrics or statistics of a particular website. By adding Google Analytics to your website, you can track the amount of visitors to your website, the keywords they used to find your website, the names of search engines or other websites that referred visitors to your website and more. Adding Google Analytics to your website may be useful if you want to increase traffic and improve conversion rates, among other metrics. Here are steps on how to add Google Analytics to your website

Messaging System can be used for business-to-customer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) Short Message Services (SMS) proves to be a leading wireless communication medium which can be handled and integrated easily. With a near ubiquitous presence of the mobile phones, it forms a very important, indeed essential means by which people connect and communicate with their personal and professional network. Extending the email network to the mobile phone therefore makes imminent sense. However, most approaches to enable email access on the mobile phone have been constrained by the need for special devices and services. The SMS integration in MCS however breaks through this constraint enabling users to access their mail message through SMS and send mail messages using their SMS service. This approach therefore offers a lower cost, faster, easier way to extend the enterprise email network to include the mobile phones, with immediate benefit to productivity and responsiveness of an enterprise.

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