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The ASP.NET course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to design and develop database driven web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the ASP.NET 4.0 Framework with C# and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. This course is designed with a mixture of lectures and hand-on exercises. You will learn how to make dynamic web pages, functional contact form, content management system using ASP.NET and how to publish them to a live server.

  • Installing Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express
  • Creating your first ASP.NET web site
  • Exploring Visual Web Developer 2010
  • Web Application versus Web Site
  • Create a new Web Application
  • Creating and opening a new website
  • Working with Web Forms
  • Adding web form controls
  • Adding CSS to the Website
  • Creating new styles in external CSS
  • Attaching CSS files to Web pages
  • Applying and managing styles
  • Using CSS class selectors in server controls
  • Applying Themes
  • Handling Theme Conflicts
  • Multiple Skins for the Same Control
  • Using CSS in a Theme
  • Applying Theme through a Configuration file
  • Creating a Master Page
  • Creating Content Pages
  • Using relative paths
  • Using Configuration file to apply Master Page
  • Creating web user controls
  • Adding User Controls
  • Registering an user control globally
  • Connecting to the SQL Server
  • Presenting data with the GridView control
  • Controlling GridView paging and appearance
  • Editing data with the GridView control
  • Presenting data with the DataList control
  • Formatting data with binding expressions
  • Deleting database records
  • Using the DetailsView control
  • Inserting data with the DetailsView control
  • Redirecting page requests
  • Creating an update page
  • Creating a contact form
  • Adding validator controls to a form
  • Controlling the validation error message display
  • Using the ValidationSummary control
  • Using Gmail account to send email
  • Turning on forms authentication
  • Creating a page to log in users
  • Creating a page to set up new users
  • Understanding the security database
  • Configuring security in the web.config file
  • Creating a page to log out users
  • Preparing a Website for Deployment
  • Publishing a Website
  • Moving database to a remote serve

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