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Corporate E-Commerce:


Managing payments can be a daunting and time consuming task which is why our Accounting module includes automated invoice matching. Furthermore the Accounting system will allows for full automation.

Inventory Management

Launch, track and automate inventory across all Web Marketplaces. Real-time inventory information such as product location and item count is precise and transparent. Merchandise purchased through the Marketplace will deducted from the inventory database.


Centrally manage your product information and market With PIM (Product Information Management) you will be able to create, manage and adjust data such as product attributes and characteristics can be easily found and identified when searched.

Order Management

Manage and validate online orders with ease. The Order Management and fulfillment component will allow you to process Marketplace orders with speed and accuracy.

Analytics and Reporting

Quickly assess how each Marketplace(s) and listed products are performing by analyzing, comparing and reporting on every aspect of operations. Track, manage and report on vendor and product performance right down to the style, size and/or color.


In order to further enhance your total e-commerce solution we offer a variety of different "add-ons" which can become a part of your entire system. These add-ons will be helpful to increase the value of your webstore offering.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have 2 main functions: crawling and indexing. providing a ranked list of websites based on their relevance to the search term.

Lead Capture

Be sure to include lead capture elements on your website such as download offers, call to action graphics or registration forms.

Trust Building Features

Adding customer reviews or testimonials help potential customers feel more comfortable with your business.

Mobile Ready Version

Responsive web design should be concurrent with every single website because, let’s face it, mobile is the future.

Social Media Integration

If you regard social media as a serious and productive marketing tool for your business and you factor in time in your work week to connect with people through social media.

Newsletter Sign Up Form

A great way of generating repeat business for a small business, inform your customers about upcoming promotions, offers and new services.

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