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Online Examination System: education, online application, online exam November 1, 2013 Leave a comment The online examination system consists a web server with database facility. The server of this system is mostly configured with proper security measures. Students can connect themselves through the internet to the server and join the exam. The one most important thing about this system is that examiners can also connect to the server with the help of the internet for setting up papers and to do other related tasks. Generally there are two main important options available in this web server facility.First is having an in house web browser. In this type of the system, database and web server both are installed for proper management. In this database system, all types of database are present like questions database, candidate database and examiners database.

Exam Controller

Our scheduled system for controlling the examination, results the best output you can experience in an online examination system. Also you will find the very similar tests as per the course module you choose for the betterment and to sharpen your skills.

Question Bank

There is a separate module to manage questions in ASWA. The questions have different attributes like subject, topic, marks, difficulty level, question type (MCQ, Yes / No, True / False etc), question text, options and the answer. This can be text or image.

Exam Accessibility

The general advantages of ASWA includes: increased delivery, administration and scoring efficiency; reduced costs for many elements of the testing lifecycle; improved test security resulting from electronic transmission and encryption.

Exam process

You need to go through a series of processes before appearing an exam. This is basically organized for all the users who might have experienced the online examination before or may not.

Result Release

Usually a massive group of people can appear the examination in the same time in ASWA, which is capable of conducting at least 10000-500000s of examination at the same time and you can get your results immediately after the examination with several formats.

Statistic dashboard

Every user will get their customized dashboard for accessing/navigating quickly in ASWA. You can find all the important stuffs directly in the dashboard having graphical representations of your record.

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