AMITY - Multi Level Marketing

A strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits' sales. The recruits are known as a distributor's "downline." All distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers. Amway is an example of a well-known direct-sales company that uses multi-level marketing.

Scheme Setting

The company decides the various plans & their percentage of profit onto which the company transactions run. Later on the company may feel the need to change their plans and criteria. The company can add as many levels to their prevailing levels & percentage on their own.

Customer Tree

The members are listed on one side. On the other hand you can view how many down lines a particular member is having. Customer Tree allows you to tree-view all the down lines.

Payment Feature

When a particular member reaches the target, he or she receives the benefit. The company can feed the details of the member name, amount, date, by cash or cheque, narration of the benefit or bonus paid. The company can calculate the amount they are spending on the member benefits & salary paid to the staff

Membership Feature

Most of the companies’ memberships are valid for 1 year. The distributors who wish to continue have to renew their membership every year or as per the company rules. The admin can view as to when the particular distributor has to renew his or her membership.

Product Management

It is for the sole use of the viewing as to how many plans the company has to sell its product; what amount is scheduled per plan; how much would a franchise get for training a student as per plan, just as setting feature the plans can be added & deleted.

Receipt Feature

Once the payment is received from the distributor, fill in the details & print the receipt. It has the options of payment done by cash or cheque. You can view the details of the payments either by receipt details or by receipt list.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have 2 main functions: crawling and indexing. providing a ranked list of websites based on their relevance to the search term.

Lead Capture

Be sure to include lead capture elements on your website such as download offers, call to action graphics or registration forms.

Trust Building Features

Adding customer reviews or testimonials help potential customers feel more comfortable with your business.

Mobile Ready Version

Responsive web design should be concurrent with every single website because, let’s face it, mobile is the future.

Social Media Integration

If you regard social media as a serious and productive marketing tool for your business and you factor in time in your work week to connect with people through social media.

Newsletter Sign Up Form

A great way of generating repeat business for a small business, inform your customers about upcoming promotions, offers and new services.

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