AMBER - Restaurant Billing System

AMBER brings you the complete solution for managing restaurant in faster and too easier way. This window based software genuinely provides you appropriate medium to fast entry and accurate output of desired input. Main features of AMBER includes: restaurant billing, inventory tracking, kitchen order taking, table ordering and to manage all transaction, recipe management, accounting, table layout & guest seating and mobile order taking.

Item / Menu Management

Create and manage multiple numbers of menus as per your requirements with complete freedom to customize individual menu item group, menu items and even item modifiers for each item.

Order Filling

Taking orders in the system is a bliss, the bifurcated menu items and categories makes it easy for you to go back and forth between different menu sections and adding items to the order.

Tableside Ordering

The dine in view provides complete picture of your restaurant’s floor highlighting status of tables which are reserved, waited on and transactions which are under process.

Home Delivery Management

Maintain different databases with complete information of the customers for regular delivery orders. You can fetch customers’ address with built in map generation capability and route the driver for easy deliveries.

Customer Tracking / Offer Management

Manage diverse set of rate plans for the customers, group bookings and any other custom rate plans. Offer special rate plans for special weekend or upcoming festivals, the tools give you all the flexibility.

Invoices on Hold

Create multiple bookings at once, the system will easily allow you to create different bookings, extra add-on as per the different requests and all the bookings can be edited anytime if need be.

Basic Masters

Admins are editors who have been granted the technical ability to edit,delete information.Admin should never share their password with any other person, for any reason.

Role Based Multiuser Login

User management is one of the key advantages so we provide Good control on users info, Admin added/removed Members profiles. User profiles represent people within your organization.

Account Information

Without interactivity, a Website is purely a book online. So have a newsletter / regular updates / Notice & event’s to be databasedriven.

Database Backup

To provide major benefit to the organisation A clear, crisp view of the information on the site is paramount in relation to finding specific information on a site.

Information Finder

Along with having an appealing and attractive look and feel to the site, the content of the site must be precisely what the user needs to see.

Email /SMS Gateways

We utilize extensive usability to ensure the site is simple to navigate to encourage communicative usage to providing and receiving information from visitors.

Easy to use

When photographs are used, we will tailor them to be the appropriate size and structure to ensure that they load in an appropriate timeframe.

Eliminates paper works.

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Password Retrieving

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Cloud Hosting

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Web Mail / Email Accounts

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